Natural Organic Cosmetics – Best Products 2013

Cosmetics are among the most popular products that people buy. When looking to get cosmetics you will want to look for ones that help improve your appearance as well as keep you healthy. While there are a lot of cosmetics that you can purchase, the best cosmetics for you to buy are ones that are natural and organic. With natural and organic cosmetics you will be getting products such as skincare, bath and body and also makeup that will not have any toxic substances on them. Therefore you will likely look younger and healthier as a result. Like all other products, natural/organic cosmetics have their best products. The best natural and organic cosmetics contain all natural ingredients and will therefore be a great addition to your personal care items.

One of the most popular kind of cosmetic products on the market is a facial moisturizer. This helps make the skin softer and feel smoother. The best natural/organic facial moisturizer is the Rose Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka. This product is available to purchase in all organic grocery stores and any retailer that sells cosmetics. With this product, users can have a cream to create moisture for the face. This moisturizer will help protect the face from the outside elements such as extreme heat, wind and also any pollution in the environment.

Another cosmetic product that is quite popular is the body wash. The best body wash is Dr. Bonner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic soap. Most soap products only stay on your skin for a few a short amount of time. However, using organic soap such as the one made by Dr. Bonner will be sure to last you more than the non organic counterparts. These soaps are made of biodegradable and vegetable based substances. With these soaps you will be sure to use a very safe product that will help you smell great and keep you clean. The soaps come in a variety of scents such as Almond Rose, Peppermint and Citrus.

Eye creams are one of the numerous cosmetic products that people purchase. Therefore it is very good to know that there is an organic eye cream for people to purchase. The best organic eye cream on the market is known to be the Revitalizing eye cream by Dr. Hauschka. With eye creams, people can use a substance to help protect the area around the eye from getting crow’s feet. The eye cream by Dr. Hauschka helps add a plump appearance to the skin and make it look better. The ingredients of this product include vitamin rich sea buckthorn as one of the main substances. It also contains moisturizing marshmallow and pineapple. These ingredients help make it a great natural organic eye cream for people to use.

When it comes to cleansers, the best natural and organic one is the Dermalogica Special Cleansing gel. This cleanser is all natural and does not have any dying effect. By using this cleanser you will be able to clean your skin completely without any dryness. It will penetrate your pores of various particles and keep them clean. Using this cleanser will also be able to clean up any oils on the skin leaving it nice and dry.

One of the best cleansers you can get is the Organic Purifying facial cleanser by Dr. Alkaitis. This cleanser will help keep your skin nice and clean along with eliminating any dryness that may occur. This is another cleanser which will help ensure that you keep your face as clean as it can be. The cleanser will penetrate your pores and keep them free of any particles while preventing the skin from getting dried up. This cleanser is another very good organic cosmetic that you can get.

For those looking to get the best body lotions that are natural and organic, they will benefit by getting the Alba Botanica and the Bliss Lemon. These body lotions contain moisturizing substances as well as sunscreen. Therefore you will have an item that will help keep your skin nice and smooth while protecting you from the sun. They also contain vitaman A and E along with arnica extract to provide the utmost in skin moisture. These body lotions also have a very nice scent so you will be sure to smell great too.

When it comes to natural and organic cosmetics, deodorant is among the more important products that you can buy. Fortunately for consumers there is a deodorant that is all natural and organic. This product is known as Thai Crystal. With this deodorant you will be sure to be using one that has no chemicals. Part of what makes this deodorant a great cosmetic product is that it won’t leave any stains and therefore you won’t need to worry about any unsightly residue under your arms. In order to apply this deodorant you will need to wet the product and then apply it under your arms.

For those looking for an oil that is all natural and organic, they will want to consider getting the Desert Essence Jojoba oil. This product contains some of the most natural oils available. By using this oil you will be able to moisturize your skin and help prevent it from drying up all the time. You can also use this oil to help remove makeup as well. It is an all natural oil so there are no toxic chemicals in it. You can apply it with a washcloth and use circular motions to put it on your face.

During the summer you will want to help keep your skin from drying up. Therefore it will be beneficial to get a moisturizer for the summer. For consumers the best moisturizer that is all natural and organic is the Skin Trip Coconut Cream. This particular product has a coconut scent which is quite pleasant. It contains substances such as coconut oil, aloe vera and distilled lanolin. This moisturizer will stay fresh due to being applied in small quantities. In order to get the most out of this product, it will be important to keep it out of extreme temperatures that are very cold and very hot.

Getting cosmetics can really help you not only look better and healthier but also give you better hygiene. While you can get many cosmetics for various purposes, it is most beneficial to get cosmetics that are all natural and organic. Using cosmetics such as the one’s mentioned will not only help you look and feel better but also keep you healthier as well. Since they don’t have any hazardous chemicals, you will be sure to get the most out of cosmetics without causing any potential effects on your skin that can be negative. Since many people are looking to use various lotions, oils and creams to help them get the most out of their appearance, they will benefit from by using cosmetics that are organic and all natural.

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The Most Environmentally Friendly Companies In 2013

Feeling the urge to go more green, many of the largest companies in the world have made great changes to eliminate waste and greenhouse gasses. However, sometimes this is just a cover for the marketing side of things. The good thing is that there are many companies truly doing great things for the environment.
From the technology sector to the automobile one there has been a lot of change going on. More people are choosing greener lifestyles so these companies want to reflect that and make an impact on a larger scale. Here are the most environmentally friendly companies of 2013.

Back when climate change was an issue that no one discussed let alone knew about there was a company starting to do environmentally friendly things. IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative has made the company in to what it is today, forward thinking. In 1971 they started these plans on the corporate level and have integrated them into every part of the company. They have won many awards for their thoughtfulness and they are still working hard to make their company even greener.

Yes, it may be surprising but Samsung has also implemented some brilliant eco friendly strategies. They have a recycle program where the customer can bring back their old electronics and they will be recycled in a way that keeps harmful chemicals from getting out into water. Many throw their old smartphones or laptops away but these items contain many chemicals that can poison wildlife. Samsung also has dedicated itself to making a greener company as a whole. From the management team to the neighborhoods they live in they are working on making everything more eco friendly.

Although they use an incredible amount of wood every year for their ubiquitous furniture products they have implemented a more sustainable plan. By rejuvenating the soil and planting new trees for the future they are making sure that what they use will grow once again. Also, back when the issue was just getting started they switched out the power eating incandescent bulbs for power saving ones. They still only sell this type of bulb.

Hewlett Packard
HP was the first high tech company to report on the greenhouse gasses that they were emitting in their supply chain. This was back in 2008 and now nearly all corporations have to do the same. It says a lot about the company when they voluntarily put the time and effort into finding how much they impact the earth and putting profits on the side. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started this company with intentions to make the world better, and they are still doing that grandly.

Running one of the most viewed web sites on the internet means that the content can really make an impact on how people live as a whole. Yahoo has many sections on their site that give healthy lifestyle tips and this doesn’t just mean diets. They give information on how to live a greener life and how to cause less waste. Also, their new data center uses 40% less energy than the average one of that size.

Maker’s Mark
Yes the very popular brand of whiskey also has some very serious environmentally friendly technology behind it. Recently they installed an anaerobic digestion processor in one of their main locations. This system uses biofuel to power all of the boilers in the building. This one change made their gas bill much smaller as it decreased natural gas usage by 30%. They know that this investment will also pay off in the end as they save gas every year.

Over the last five years Intel has been one of the most innovative and productive users of green technology. The implements they have made have won them many awards and given them much to celebrate. Intel generates much of it’s energy supply from natural resources and they are investing more and more into it every year.

Earth Tec
Unlike the other companies on this list, this one was created with the environment very much in mind. Earth Tex is a clothing manufacturer that uses recyclables in the production process. Plastic bottles are literally being put into their T-shirts rather than being thrown into a landfill.

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Solar Water Heaters Know How

Humanity has traveled the distance since heating water over a campfire. The concept is simplistic and has not varied over the years, procuring a source and means of heat exchange. There has always been three ways of heating water, wood, electricity and gas.

With technological advancements, we have developed other methods of achieving man’s need for hot water. One of the best ways is the use of the sun or alternative solar energy, an atomic energy source that is constant and available for all to employ.

The means of acquiring energy from the sun has been with us for many years and because of this the principles of doing so passes the test of time by the refinement of these accounting standards. The peaked enthusiasm and the investment of time and resources into the development of this free energy have multiplied in the utilization of solar energy in the past years. Because of this, everyone can benefit by the technological advancements this industry has developed.
The solar water heater s of today has been refined to the stage of sophistication effective as to rival the standards water heaters today, comparably gas and electric. A solar absorption system can easily heat water for a home up to a scalding 135 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. There are initial investments to contribute but realistically, in a very short time you will recoup those investments.
The basics of the technology are simplistic, a heat collector and a storage tank, but how exactly does all this work? How does the energy from the sun transform into a nice hot shower? This can become confusing although you would not think it would but there are certain variations to complete this computation of physics and that is where the confusion begins. The confusion multiplies with the marketplace being flooded with systems and certain options to choose, whether useful or nonsensical.
To start with there are systematic strategies that form two types of solar water heaters, passive and active. There are also other elements that one must consider due to certain influences pertaining to the system and that must be logically deduced to be advantageous for your home, or business for that matter. Both systems gather thermal radiation from the sun into solar panels and both can serve the majority if not the entire household’s hot water needs, at the same time can diminish substantially on energy costs.
Passive solar water heater distributes water through use of a process called natural convection. Natural convection is a chemical mechanism, or type of heat transport. The fluid movement is not rendered by any outside source like a pump but only by relative density variations in the fluid arising due to temperature variants. Fluid encompassing a heat source obtains heat, becomes less dense and rises. The cooler liquid then moves up to replace it. The colder fluid is then heated and the procedure sustains the process. This forms a convection stream and because of the movement, proper acceleration forms continuing the cycle.
An active solar water heating system involves the use of a circulation pump. This pump does not necessarily mean using household current to operate. With the use of collecting the sun’s energy by means of photoelectric cells, you can still maintain a closed, energy free system.
There are pros and cons for each system. The flow of water in the passive system will cease to flow if the heat gathering process stops, but an active system will continue to circulate. The passive system will allow you to maintain your hot water but in some systems, the active method may actually cool your water by recirculating causing your hot water to cool. With both systems, there may be installed mechanical checks to create an equilibrium to balance the processes such as heat controllers. This also is dependent upon your location and the intensity of your yearly exposure to the sun.
It is noteworthy to mention that with either system water does not necessarily have to be used. There are commercial fluids that have a higher conductivity rate than water capable of absorbing more heat. With that said, an addition of an extra heat converter will need to be installed, transferring heat from the collector’s absorption fluid to the water and into the holding tank.
As mentioned above there are factors that influence the involvement of an efficient solar water heater. The style and size of the system needed coinciding with the size of your home, the particular climate of the region your home is in and the accessibility and dependability of the sun’s exposure.
No matter which system you decide upon the most important part of the system is the collector and the most common, and efficient is referred to as the ”flat plate” configuration. Its basic structure consists of a flat box with radiator style tubes within. Admittedly quite simple, but with the addition of technology this box becomes unique. The box needs to absorb as much heat as possible without emanating the heat back into the ambient outside air. To accomplish this the box is insulated with state-of-the-art insulations along with special interior coating in the box and covering the fluid lines inside. These special coating are developed to absorb an enormous amount of heat and trapping it, not allowing it to effuse backwards. With the further implementation of a quality silicate or a silicon nitride glass panel, you possess a great collector.
Another method is focused energy absorption. Typically, but not exclusively, the system uses a parabolic dish or other configuration to reflect and concentrate the rays of the sun. The concentration of heat is focused to a specific area where a collector is placed soaking up the reflected sunlight and intensified heat. A good analogy would be compounding light, to focus it in creation of a laser.
Yet another method is called the evacuated tube design where your collection lines travel through a glass insulator that contains a vacuum. The vacuum has very good insulation qualities. Although popular and effective as it is, in time, the risk involved would be the degeneration of the tubes and eventual loss of vacuum within the glass tubes. Logically, this would not be considered a low maintenance, worry free system in comparison to the others.
Solar power is an amazing economic alternative energy allowing you to decrease your hot water energy consumption from 50 to 95 percent contingent on the area you live in. Solar water heater technology is now beneficial in operating in most climates at sensible prices. Definable systems have been specialized and designed to accommodate different areas and climates.
The way energy costs are compounding, almost on a monthly basis, this savings may be more advantageous for you in the future. With the increasing market on these systems, there are enough manufacturing companies to set in motion competitive pricing creating an atmosphere of even more cost savings. Other than saving you money, you also can lessen your carbon footprint here on our home planet.

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Protecting Biodiversity in the UK

With an extensive selection of habitats and a myriad range of species, the United Kingdom is host to a great range of biodiversity. Moreover, bearing in mind that England is the home of 18% of the world’s heath-land and almost 20% of Europe’s Atlantic and North Sea estuaries, protecting biodiversity within the UK is not just a necessity for Britain but is instrumental to the sustainability of environments internationally.

One of the main threats to the UK’s biodiversity is categorised as ‘habitat loss/degradation’, this term referring to the destruction of species’ habitat as a result of development. Agricultural, forestry and river management practices can all contribute to the loss or degradation of biological habitats in the UK, as unsustainable developments which make an abrupt change to an ecosystem can often be too sudden for species’ to adapt to. Furthermore, another predominant threat to biodiversity within the UK is environmental pollution, as atmospheric pollution (acid precipitation and nitrogen deposition), water pollution from agricultural sources, and climate change – with its subsequent sea level rise – can all negatively affect the natural habitat that a wide array of biologically-diverse organisms depend upon to thrive.

In response to the threats being posed to the UK’s biodiversity there are measures that need to be taken, all of which start at a local level. Professor of ecology Sir John Lawton states that the UK needs spaces to encourage biodiversity that are “bigger, better, and more joined-up”, as biological organisms need space and complexity to flourish. In support of this, the Government’s Biodiversity 2020 strategy foregrounds the importance of landscape-scale developments in order to help ecosystems adapt to fluctuating conditions within the UK (e.g. the effects of global warming) and the 159 National Character Area profiles supplied by Natural England help to support this initiative by providing information and advice to help maximise the impact of such landscape-scale efforts. Furthermore, national-scale objectives were outlined in the 2011 Natural Environment White Papers to aid in the preservation and development of ecosystems and priority habitats, the documents also setting targets for levels of biodiversity in England by the year 2020.

Legally, biodiversity is protected in the UK by various legislative acts (such as the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985) and, as stipulated by the 2006 Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act, every public body is legally-obliged to consider the implications of their decision making processes on the biodiversity in their region.


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Green Jobs

Green Jobs

There is a recent increase in interest for Green jobs – these are jobs that require a passion for conservation issues, as well as knowledge of political and social implications and understanding of the laws and ordinances surrounding environmental interests. Green jobs are a growing sector as understanding of the consequences of human activities and population growth become more widespread and the value of green jobs are appreciated.

1. Environmental Outreach Coordinator
One of the most important green jobs, outreach coordinators interact with the public and the media in order to advance the issues and concerns of the environment. Communication is such an important aspect for increasing awareness of environmental issues, yet many environmental scientists do not have the time, or the social skills, to do so. Therefore, it is the job of outreach coordinators to do so in an efficient and effective way.
- All environmental organizations need outreach coordinators, so this position is common and the job prospects are good, and increasing with the emergence of more green organizations.
- Responsibilities include building external relationships with media outlets and other environmental organizations, as well as internal communications to increase efficiency within the organization. This job often requires a lot of travel.
- Educational requirements typically are a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, Environmental Science, or Political Science, as well as several years experience working in the field, and with the media.
- Salaries are based on the industry – government positions pay more, while non-profit organizations may pay less, depending on the size. Average salaries for this green job are around $34,000 annually, with benefits.

2. Environmental Protection Wildlife Biologist
Working as a research scientist is the other side of the green jobs hand. While scientists do not directly work as environmental advocates, most of their time is dedicated to providing data that supports environmental advocacy. Scientists are experts in the minute details concerning a specific field of environmental science, and this can range from aquaculture, to soil chemistry, to atmospheric science, to monitoring animal and plant populations.
- All environmental advocacy must be based on science for it to be effective, and environmental scientists are essential in supporting claims for more conservation efforts. There are a wide range of organizations for which scientists can work: within academia, for state and federal governments and government organizations, and for non-profits.
- Responsibilities include proposing research topics, writing grants for funding, monitoring research assistants and technicians, going into the field to collect data, compiling data, and writing scientific reports.
- Educational requirements vary depending on the level of involvement and which organization the research is for. In academia, research scientists must have graduate level degrees in a related scientific discipline. Masters degree levels are usually acceptable for local government environmental organizations like Wildlife Commissions, Departments of Natural Resources, and the Fish and Wildlife Service.
- Salaries can range widely, depending on the organization and scientific level. Average salaries are around $40,000-$70,000 annually, with benefits. Private organizations have more competitive salaries.

3. Environmental Science Technician
This green job directly supports scientific research efforts of environmental scientists. This is an entry level position, usually for college graduates that wish to pursue jobs in the field. They involve a high amount of field work, so people working as technicians must love being in the outdoors in all conditions – rain or shine, warm or cold. This green job can be exciting for those who truly love nature and want to support other green jobs.
- This green job ranges widely depending on what field the technician works in. Fields can include invasive species management, where the job of the technician is to go out and destroy invasive species in a threatened habitat. It can involve trapping of birds, mammals, or insects in order to collect data on population numbers. Technician jobs usually revolve around collecting data in the field and then compiling the data for their scientific supervisors.
- This job usually involves a lot of travel, as scientists often gather data in a distant location from where they are. It involves going into natural places like parks or wildlife refuges. Sometimes the locations are abroad, in a different country.
- Educational requirements are usually a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field. Some technician jobs accept high school diplomas, although normally with this green job, some level of previous experience in the field is required.
- Salaries for this green job are usually limited as it is an entry level position. Average hourly wages can be anywhere from $9 to $16 an hour, based on the work.

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Jobs in Nature

Nature enthusiasts have plenty of career choices working in nature, surrounded by our natural elements. Working in nature includes a variety of careers related to studying natural environments, conservation, studying and helping animals, and improving our agriculture. Nature jobs can be both challenging and rewarding, as many nature jobs require working in extreme climates. The rewards of working in nature far out ways the challenges if you enjoy the outdoors.

Conservation scientists and foresters ensure forests and other natural environments continue to thrive. Foresters manage forest lands in the wilderness or in urban areas. They ensure forests and their natural resources are harvested properly and plan the repopulation of natural resources such as trees and plants. Conservation scientist study soil, water and other natural elements to ensure they’re healthy. They work with farmers, government agencies and related entities to provide the best solution to work with land without damaging its natural resources. These professional also study natural elements that may be damaged or eroding and find way to reverse the damage. Both of these professional nature jobs can be found all over the world. This includes the Alaskan wilderness to the rain forests of South America, and urban areas in construction and land development.

Conservation scientist and forester nature jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in a discipline such as forestry, environmental sciences, biology or something similar. Many employers prefer higher education such as a master’s or doctoral degree. Salaries vary for these nature jobs depending on the type of employer. Conservation scientists earned an average of $61,000 per year in 2010. The nature job of forester earned an average salary of $56,000 per year in 2010. 2010.

Another nature job is the discipline of biological sciences. Biological scientists work in natural environments ad study living organisms. Biological scientists generally work in the field and in a laboratory to study the specimens they collect. Their research improves the environment and our lives. Some biological scientists collect and study living organisms to create drugs and treatments for disease and illness. Occupations related to this nature job include marine biologist, biochemist, botanist, zoologist, wildlife biologist, ecologist and microbiologist.

These jobs working in nature are found all over the world in a variety of industries. Biological science nature jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related discipline. Many employers prefer a higher degree for specialized fields. Among these careers working in nature, the average salary ranges from about $60,000 to $86,000 per year, depending on the chosen discipline. The highest wages were in the nature job disciplines of biochemistry and biophysics.

Another nature job is related to the science of food and agriculture. Agriculturalists and food scientists study crops and animals, and improve their production. They play an important role in ensuring our food supplies are plentiful and safe. Working in nature in this discipline often involves spending time in crop fields to collect samples and study growth rates. This nature job can also involve working with food producing animals to ensure safety and improve the health of the foods we eat.

The minimum requirement for working in nature as a food scientist or agriculturalist is a bachelor’s degree. Nature jobs related to food and agriculture are found all over the world, especially in areas rich with farm land and food production. In 2010, salaries for these occupations ranged from about $62,000 to $68,000 per year. conservation scientists and foresters conservation scientist salary forester salary biological scientists biochemist salary biological scientist all other salary microbiologist salary zoologists and wildlife biologist salary agricultural and food scientists animal scientist salary food scientist and technologist salary soil and plant scientist salary

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New Nature Slogans

Nature Slogan Picture

Slogans on nature:

  • Nature is important, persevere it
  • Keep parks clean, keep nature green
  • I am not the Lorax, but I speak for the trees
  • Reduce your girth, protect the earth
  • Animals are a part of nature too

Slogans about nature:

  • Respect nature, don’t disturb wild animals
  • Cherish nature by reducing pollution
  • Why is nature important? Look around.
  • Clean rivers are beautiful rivers
  • Trash belong in a can, not in nature

More slogans about nature to follow:

  • Protect even the tiniest parts of nature
  • The smallest parts of the environment can have a big impact on our lives
  • Even small steps are important to protect the planet
  • Do one thing a day to protect nature
  • Nature helps us, we can help nature
  • Nature nurtures us, how do we nurture nature?

Slogans on nature:

  • Is your environment nature friendly?
  • Nature will care for us if we care for nature
  • Leave the planet in better condition than how you found it
  • It is up to you to protect nature

Here are some great nature slogans:

  • Love the planet? Protect the planet.
  • Natural resources can run out
  • Be careful with our natural resources
  • Nature deserves to be saved
  • Don’t desecrate, help nature create
  • Discover the beauty nature has to offer
  • Why is our planet amazing? Go outside and find out
  • What can you do to save a life? Protect nature.

More nature slogans:

  • You expect people to respect your habitat, respect animals in nature
  • Nature is vital to our survival
  • Animals help maintain nature, be kind to animals
  • You are responsible for your impact on nature
  • Together we can help the planet
  • Save the world: Protect nature
  • Nature is awe inspiring. Go be inspired.
  • Nature is beautiful. Don’t believe it? See for yourself.
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Some new Recycling Slogans

Recycling Slogans, Recycle Slogans
Recycling slogans:
  • Plastic is like elastic, it always swings back to you
  • what goes around comes around
  • Christians recycle beer cans
  • All paper leaves a paper trail
  • If you don’t recycle we won’t like you
Those last couple recycle slogans might have pushed to the extreme, but theirs more.
  • Recycling is to garbage as pencil is to paper
  • Don’t throw away what we could own today
  • if your heart says to help then start with yourself
  • Do you recycle? I do!
  • To save the world recycle your plastic
  • The more you recycle the more we Envite you
  • Recycling slogans can have even more of deeper sense
  • Please recycle to save the next generation
  • Get paid for recycling
  • Recycle your tithe
Slogans for recycling never vanish, they are always recycled.
  • People for plastic
  • Pardon for paper
  • Recycol your lysol
  • Recycling champions
My wish is for thousands of people to stand in front of their local elementary school cafeteria and shout the following recycle slogans: “Don’t throw away the children’s dinner!” or “Schools who throw away pizza throw away freedom”
  • If you recycle books and bucks, recycle food for us
  • Recycling is extremely important
  • Really recycling is extremely important
Sooner we will ad more Slogans for recycling :) Stay tuned !
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Environment Slogans to Save the Earth

environment slogans, slogans about environment
An environment slogan makes a bold statement. It lets people know that you care about the Earth and it’s well being. A popular environment slogan that can be seen even on local recycling cans, is the recycling triangle. Pictures that have the Earth talking about it’s issues, speaks out to the younger generations and captures their minds. Several environment slogans don’t just include symbols, some slogans are powerful declarations created to make people think and get them involved.

Other environment slogans include quirky statement such as:

  • Hug a tree, they have less issues than people
  • Go green or go home
  • Don’t be mean, Go green
  • Vote Earth
There are a multitude of slogans out there that can make people laugh;
  • I brake for litter
  • What would nature do?
  • Save water, drink beer
  • Join the Green Side
  • Will Work for Trees
Another way people slogan the environment is merchandise. For children, vivid furniture that is made without harsh chemicals, sharp edges, and wood substitutions. Bumper stickers are often used as slogans to promote wellness for the Earth, consisting of statements like
  • The Greens
  • Plant More Trees
  • No Dams
Environment Slogans can be seen even on T-Shirts.
  • R-E-C-Y-C-L-E
  • Save the Earth
  • Act like you live here
  • Bikes not Bombs
are a few more slogans on environment that people use. Statistics are often given in the more serious slogans to show people just how bad the Earth needs saving. Other slogans include,
  • Clean the air, live happily
  • Earth isn’t disposable
  • Earth Day Every Day
  • Earth needs YOU
  • Give a hoot. Don’t pollute
  • Eat, Sleep, Recycle
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Green is my favorite color
  • Plant a Tree
  • Think Green
  • Got hybrid
  • What about you
  • Green the Earth
are other simple Environment slogans that promote recycling, conservation, and saving the Earth in any way possible.
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Save water slogans

Save water slogans, slogans on water conservation

Too many people take water for granted, clean water that is. Here are some water conservation slogans that can be used to impress people on the importance of saving water. A water conservation slogan that can be used everywhere is

Do You Really Need A One Hour Shower“. Or, to be used for water conservation slogans in industrial settings

“You Are Going To Drink That Sludge That You Are Dumping”.

More save water slogans can be put on signs in restaurants like

“How Much Would Your Customer Pay For That Water You Are Running Down The Drain”.

To make a more direct impact on people who think that water is an exhaustible source, the save water slogan can say “Your Water Bill Is Higher Than A Giraffe Can Pay”. Or,

“Why Pour Your Money Down The Drain”.

There are save water slogans that can teach as well as awaken people to the resource that seems to be taken for granted, water.

“Measure Your Water When Taking A Shower, Plug It”.

And, “Whatever Happened To Wash Day”. A more powerful water slogan can be something like, “You Coulda Paid A Chinese Laundry With That Water Bill”. Finally,

“Cut Your Water Bill In Half, Try Drinking It”.

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