This is what you get if you translate the rings of a tree into music. Bartholomäus Traubeck, an artist from austria, made this construction that enables you to translate the year rings of a tree into music. Gizmodo decribes the artwork as following: Bartholomäus' artwork Years is a converted r

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Natural Cosmetics are not among the most popular products that people buy. When looking to get cosmetics you will want to look for ones that help improve your appearance as well as keep you healthy. While there are a lot of cosmetics that you can purchase, the best cosmetics for you to buy are ones

Feeling the urge to go more green, many of the largest companies in the world have made great changes to eliminate waste and greenhouse gasses. However, sometimes this is just a cover for the marketing side of things. The good thing is that there are many companies truly doing great things for the e

Humanity has traveled the distance since heating water over a campfire. The concept is simplistic and has not varied over the years, procuring a source and means of heat exchange. There has always been three ways of heating water, wood, electricity and gas. With technological advancements, we

With an extensive selection of habitats and a myriad range of species, the United Kingdom is host to a great range of biodiversity. Moreover, bearing in mind that England is the home of 18% of the world’s heath-land and almost 20% of Europe’s Atlantic and North Sea estuaries, protecting biodiver

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There is a recent increase in interest for Green jobs - these are jobs that require a passion for conservation issues, as well as knowledge of political and social implications and understanding of the laws and ordinances surrounding environmental interests. Green jobs are a growing sector as unders

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