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The history of recycling

The first step was founded in 1961 in Germany with the founding of the Federation of German Waste Management Industry (BDE) and the GDR more organized by setting up the SERO collecting waste and recyclables. There were service providers such as Sulo, Trienekens, Rethmann, Edel, and others who subsequently implement industrially with the aid of the legislature, the recycling idea.

Environmental protection and prevention have been declared the official remit of the state. Already in 1971 there were in Germany, the first Waste Disposal Act, since 1975, the waste management program of the Federal Government ’75 and 1986, the Clean Air for the avoidance of emissions from waste and waste treatment. Later, the Waste Oil Ordinance, and Ordinance 1996, the Recycling and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG) [1]. In this Act and the related regulations are detailed provisions for the prevention, recovery and disposal of waste. It followed the European Waste Catalogue and the Dual System Germany (green dot).reduce reuse recycle.

In principle, it was no longer about issues of landfill capacity, but whether it does not make sense to avoid waste, if not possible to use it, and only when this is not possible to deposit it. It says so in § 4 of the Recycling and Waste Management in Germany.

During these decades, in all industrialized countries established ministries for environmental protection, whose duties often include the state supervision of the waste system. In 1994, the directive of environmental protection in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany was included, which states in Article 20a:

The state also protects its responsibility toward future generations the natural resources and the animals in the context of the constitutional order through the law and in accordance with the law by the executive and the judiciary.

Also in Switzerland and other countries in Europe, the recycling of industrial waste products on the political agenda has been set. Recycling, in the federal constitution of Switzerland:

recycle and slogans trive to establish a durable equilibrium between nature and its capacity to renew itself and its use by people in the other. The Confederation shall legislate on the protection of man and the natural environment from harmful or undesirable effects.

Switzerland has achieved today in both the recycling as significant for consumer goods recycled rates. So the country is the return of aluminum cans at a rate well above 90% as “world champion”. Made possible by an optimized logistic organization. In some areas, such as paper recycling, there are indeed good return rates, however, is the use of recycled paper (also in the form of an recyclable admixture of new pulp fibers) behind the return.

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