Save water slogans

Posted by: on Feb 11th, 2012

Too many people take water for granted, clean water that is. Here are some water conservation slogans that can be used to impress people on the importance of saving water. A water conservation slogan that can be used everywhere is

Do You Really Need A One Hour Shower“. Or, to be used for water conservation slogans in industrial settings

“You Are Going To Drink That Sludge That You Are Dumping”.

More save water slogans can be put on signs in restaurants like

“How Much Would Your Customer Pay For That Water You Are Running Down The Drain”.

To make a more direct impact on people who think that water is an exhaustible source, the save water slogan can say “Your Water Bill Is Higher Than A Giraffe Can Pay”. Or,

“Why Pour Your Money Down The Drain”.

There are save water slogans that can teach as well as awaken people to the resource that seems to be taken for granted, water.

“Measure Your Water When Taking A Shower, Plug It”.

And, “Whatever Happened To Wash Day”. A more powerful water slogan can be something like, “You Coulda Paid A Chinese Laundry With That Water Bill”. Finally,

“Cut Your Water Bill In Half, Try Drinking It”.

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