Some new Recycling Slogans

Recycling Slogans, Recycle Slogans
Recycling slogans:
  • Plastic is like elastic, it always swings back to you
  • what goes around comes around
  • Christians recycle beer cans
  • All paper leaves a paper trail
  • If you don’t recycle we won’t like you
Those last couple recycle slogans might have pushed to the extreme, but theirs more.
  • Recycling is to garbage as pencil is to paper
  • Don’t throw away what we could own today
  • if your heart says to help then start with yourself
  • Do you recycle? I do!
  • To save the world recycle your plastic
  • The more you recycle the more we Envite you
  • Recycling slogans can have even more of deeper sense
  • Please recycle to save the next generation
  • Get paid for recycling
  • Recycle your tithe
Slogans for recycling never vanish, they are always recycled.
  • People for plastic
  • Pardon for paper
  • Recycol your lysol
  • Recycling champions
My wish is for thousands of people to stand in front of their local elementary school cafeteria and shout the following recycle slogans: “Don’t throw away the children’s dinner!” or “Schools who throw away pizza throw away freedom”
  • If you recycle books and bucks, recycle food for us
  • Recycling is extremely important
  • Really recycling is extremely important
Sooner we will ad more Slogans for recycling :) Stay tuned !
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  1. Heena says:

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  2. Harasees Kaur says:

    whooo..! This has Helped me alot …….. Thankya!

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